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Why does God allow suffering & evil?

Is there evidence for God apart from faith?

UFO's in Frankston?

Aren't all religions the same?

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You are invited to our Christmas service!

It’s time to connect with your local Christian community and visit with us this Christmas to celebrate together and hear about the Greatest Gift of all. Join us at 10 am on Christmas morning and be home in time to get lunch ready!

Sound Doctrine – A Priority of the Local Church

In today’s #throwbackthursday we revisit Pastor Jared Keath’s introduction sermon to a series he did on the Priorities of the Local Church. The first sermon in the series served as an introduction and focused on sound doctrine being a foundation of the church. Listen here: http://www.frankstonpc.com.au/sermons/priorities-local-church-introduction-1-timothy-11-11/

Sunday School will recommence on 22nd April 2018

After a break during school holidays, we hope you are all getting ready to start a new term of Sunday School from 22nd April 2018! If you didn’t know – Sunday School teaches children the Bible. We have four classes to cater for children 3yr olds through to Grade 6. It runs every Sunday morning from 9:20 am to 10 am during school terms. For parents – we have a 9 am Service, or if you plan to go to the 11…

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We welcome you to visit this Sunday…