Sermons by Bill Medley (Page 3)

Sermons by Bill Medley (Page 3)

Do not rejoice – Luke 10:17-23

Jesus gives great gifts into his church and blessing to his servants. The apostles were overjoyed at the gifts they had been given but Jesus told them not to rejoice over that. There is something far more important than even the greatest spiritual gifts, blessings and happiness that Jesus wants us to focus on.

What about you? Matthew 16:13-17

How can someone already believe in Jesus and yet the words You are the Christ, the Son of the living God be such a blessing? There must be something more to it. Your eternal destiny rides on the right answer.

What makes a man unclean? Matthew 15:10-20

All this time you thought the reason you only get angry or upset is because of certain people who cause you to feel that way. Jesus says you are wrong. The answer is not a pleasant one. It turns out is the problem is you.

Traditional Churches

Traditional church doesn’t just mean pipe organs and old hymns. You may be following “traditions of men” right now. It’s time to examine it