Life’s End – Ecclesiastes 9

It’s the one thing in life that everyone agrees on, everyone experiences and everyone finds uncomfortable thinking about: that our lives end. How can our lives have any meaning if we end?

Meaningless Religion – Ecclesiastes 5:1-7

Have you ever gone to church, gone through the motions of worship, and left as if nothing has happened? Seems pretty meaningless. How do you break through this to experience real communion with God? Listen and find out.

Meaningful Work – Ecclesiastes 2:12-26

Listening to Solomon complain about the frustrations of work sounds a lot like what you would hear from the modern day therapist’s couch: the monotony, the stress, the futility of our life’s work being squandered by another once we’re gone! Sounds pretty meaningless. But what if there’s more than just this short life? What difference would it make to your daily work knowing the God who works? Listen to Solomon as he explores this important topic.

Empty Pleasure – Ecclesiastes 2:1-11

Imagine if you had the resources and power to do whatever you wanted; would you be satisfied in life? There’s one man in history who didn’t have to imagine… Solomon had all the money, power and sex he could ever want. But was he really satisfied? Listen to find out.

The Meaning of Life

What do you do with a Teacher who begins a book by declaring everything “ under the sun” utterly meaningless? You could dismiss them as a nutter. But this is one of the wisest and most experienced men who ever lived. This message shows us the Teacher’s concern for meaning in life, his case against one approach to meaning, and the clues to finding real meaning in life.