Sermons on Matthew

Sermons on Matthew

Judas’ Guilt

Like Peter Judas sinned grievously against the Lord but unlike Peter he does not turn back to Jesus but continues. Suicide is a lack of hope and in Judas’ case a lack of hope to remove guilt. Human beings have no power to remove guilt themselves. There is only one way to remove guilt. Matthew 27:1-10.

Some of what Jesus went through

Matthew 26:57-68, Jesus trial was illegal but it all happened under his control as Jesus claims deity. The very people he comes to save inflict the most cruel mockery. Even these he would save. Hallelujah what a Savior.

Man of Sorrows, Matthew 26:31-46

Jesus knew in advance what he was about to go through and as he contemplated it there was a wrestling going on in his prayer to the Father. Is there any other way to pay for human sin? Jesus submission to the will of the Father is the turning point of our destiny.

Matthew 26:14-25, The Betrayer

A contrast is set up between the loyalty of Mary anointing Jesus and the one who would betray Jesus. Judas may have had many motives including greed and his disappointment that Jesus did not turn out to be the Messiah he wanted. But the betrayer was right in the midst of Jesus leadership