Sermons (Page 2)

Sermons (Page 2)

Life’s End – Ecclesiastes 9

It’s the one thing in life that everyone agrees on, everyone experiences and everyone finds uncomfortable thinking about: that our lives end. How can our lives have any meaning if we end?

The weight of the world – Matthew 16:20-23

Matthew has reached a turning point where Jesus opening predicts his death and resurrection but an interesting theme is developing. Its an epic battle between Jesus and Satan that didn’t begin here and will still be raging when Jesus hangs on the cross.

What about you? Matthew 16:13-17

How can someone already believe in Jesus and yet the words You are the Christ, the Son of the living God be such a blessing? There must be something more to it. Your eternal destiny rides on the right answer.

Who Can Live With God? Psalm 15

Psalm 15 asks the most important question anyone can ask: who can live with God? The answer it gives is both crushing and exhilarating. Listen to find out why.