Throwback Thursdays

Throwback Thursdays

Sound Doctrine – A Priority of the Local Church

In today’s #throwbackthursday we revisit Pastor Jared Keath’s introduction sermon to a series he did on the Priorities of the Local Church. The first sermon in the series served as an introduction and focused on sound doctrine being a foundation of the church. Listen here:

The Lord’s Prayer in Auslan

Join us in this weeks Throwback-Thursday as Greg Bell leads the congregation (back in 2012) in an Auslan version of the Lord’s Prayer. Brush up on your Auslan skills as you follow along, or share with friends who might benefit.

The Credentials of the Messiah

In this TBT, Join us as we go back to December 2016 when a visiting jewish preacher came and explained to us the credentials of the Messiah in the lead up to Christmas! Click here, or view below.