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Why does God allow suffering & evil?

Is there evidence for God apart from faith?

UFO's in Frankston?

Aren't all religions the same?

New Sermons

Empty Pleasure – Ecclesiastes 2:1-11

Imagine if you had the resources and power to do whatever you wanted; would you be satisfied in life? There’s one man in history who didn’t have to imagine… Solomon had all the money, power and sex he could ever want. But was he really satisfied? Listen to find out.

Church Blog

FPC Sermon Podcast now on iTunes

We’re pleased to announce that the FPC Sermon Podcast is now directly available through iTunes. You can find out more by visiting the iTunes page at https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/fpc-sermon-podcast/id1342094792  

Sermon Series on “The Life of Joseph” now online

Pastor Jared Keath’s series on “The Life of Joseph” concluded last weekend. If you missed any of the series or you want to listen or watch again, you can find all of the sermons in our series archive here: http://www.frankstonpc.com.au/sermon-series/the-life-of-joseph/  

The Lord’s Prayer in Auslan

Join us in this weeks Throwback-Thursday as Greg Bell leads the congregation (back in 2012) in an Auslan version of the Lord’s Prayer. Brush up on your Auslan skills as you follow along, or share with friends who might benefit.

The Credentials of the Messiah

In this TBT, Join us as we go back to December 2016 when a visiting jewish preacher came and explained to us the credentials of the Messiah in the lead up to Christmas! Click here, or view below.

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